I am a Virginian with severe scoliosis.  Doctors had suggested putting a rod down my spine but said that because of my age, that it could take 18 months to recover and they couldn’t be sure that it would even help.  My son and his wife had twins in August of 2016 and I came to Charlotte to help with their other 3 boys.  My son suggested that I go to his chiropractor at Carolina Family Chiropractic and I met Dr. George.  My scoliosis was already at 48 degrees.  Dr. George suggested decompression therapy and adjustments.  I was there for 8 weeks and again for 6 weeks earlier this year and my scoliosis improved by 11 degrees.  I went from, at times, crawling through the house to being able to walk and carry on a normal lifestyle with little to no pain.  I am now walking 1 – 2 miles a day! I cannot express my gratitude enough to the doctors at Carolina Family Chiropractic and their entire staff.  It is as if you join a family when you come to their office.  I’ve been to many chiropractors throughout the years, but never have I been to such an efficient, friendly, and caring office.  Thank you, Dr. George and family, for giving me back a life I can enjoy.  
– Alicia A.

I was suffering with severe sciatic nerve pain and could barely walk. I actually crawled into the office this January with the help of my husband and son. The staff was amazing and very compassionate. I have been going to Dr. George, Dr. Paul and of course, Mark, the amazing exercise specialist for two months and I am very happy to say that I never thought the day would happen that I am able to walk pain free. Thank you again for caring for me!
– Debbie G.

I was always skeptical about chiropractors UNTIL I found Dr. George and Dr. Paul. Initially I went to Carolina Family Chiropractic because I was suffering with TMJ. I had seen two dentists, an oral surgeon and my primary care physician. No one could stop the pain. After just one acupuncture treatment from Dr. Paul my pain disappeared and I had my life back. Dr. George has “magic” hands and has improved my quality of life through chiropractic adjustments and I will never be able to thank him enough! I highly recommend this practice for anyone who is suffering. The staff is marvelous and truly care about helping you become healthier. This practice is honest and will tell you if they can help you or if they can’t. They are not like any other chiropractic office I have ever been to. I recommend them highly and without any reservation!
– Kathy A.